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Having a static website that displays the same content can definitely serve a purpose. Having a CMS (content management system) driven website on the other hand can provide you with the power to change your websites content, update and upload pictures, blog and give your users the very latest news.

When it comes to choosing a CMS, I offer various options. For websites that have a very small area needing to be updated, I can offer a bespoke CMS where exactly what you require is built into your very own system. The other end of the scale is a full CMS driven website allowing you to edit almost everything. For the full bells and whistles option, I recommend choosing Wordpress. With a reputation for being the most popular and effective blogging and CMS tool in the world, Wordpress is a favourite of mine that I can vouch for. It's easy on the eye, simple user interface is not only straightforward to use but extremely powerful with lots of extras available to help tailor the Wordpress system to your needs.

Because of Wordpress' popularity, it is at the cusp of technology providing many brilliant extras such as ecommerce add-ons giving a website the ability to sell products online. For those millions of iPhone users out there?, the Wordpress app brings your website into the palm of your hand allowing you to update your website through your phone. This is ideal for people looking to regularly blog their activity or latest news related to their industry.

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Wordpress for iPhone
Technology Used
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JQuery
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